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Joshi Propmart is one of the largest real estate management businesses in Noida, encompassing residential, retail, commercial, and staff accommodation. JPM focuses on a broad range of real estate services, which includes the SALE/PURCHASE/RENTING for Investment and End-Use, Bank Loans, Commercial (Retail and office Spaces, Industrial, Institutional, and other Hospitality project Leasing in Noida. The company's distinguished portfolio includes high profile projects like Business Arcade, Retails Hubs, Industries, Plots ( Residential & Commercial), Office Spaces, Residential, Commercial, Institutional or Industrial Lands all of which continue to play key roles in Noida’s development and growth.

JPM is responsible for developing JPM’S sales portfolio including project development, sales and customer service and handover management;

JPM also manages the leasing portfolio across JPM's destinations and districts, including land leases and retail and mall management also provides facilities management, property management and security solutions for the public and private sector.

Joshi Propmart

Joshi Propmart ( JPM ) is a leading Noida-based real estate master known for the Best Services and management of prominent destinations across the Noida.

Joshi Propmart ( JPM ) is a pioneering Noida-based real estate master of Real Estate Service Provider, overseeing a varied development portfolio of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects across Noida. JPM has a strong pipeline of current and future projects tailored to meet the needs of real estate investors in the region, including Noida Extension, Noida Expressway, Central Noida, and lots more.

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